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            Mods for Beginners

            When it comes to learning how to modify your car, everyone has to start somewhere. Here are a few things you can do to updgrade your ride-- both on the body and under the hood.

            February 21, 2020
            By: Discovery

            Photo By: Virojt Changyencham

            Photo By: Getty

            Photo By: Muhammad Owais Khan

            Photo By: Martin Diebel

            Photo By: vtwinpixel

            High-performance tires are an easy upgrade to make to take your ride to the next level.

            Switch out your turbocharger to increase the power of your engine.

            Changing out your spark plugs can make all the difference for your car's gas mileage. This inexpensive upgrade could be just the place to start.

            Adding new rims to your ride can take your car from basic to badass.

            Adding a cool-air intake does exactly what it's says--brings cool air into the engine, allowing more oxygen to aid in combustion. Ultimately, this mod gives you that extra boost of power you're looking for.

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