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            Moonshiner's Guide to Cocktails

            Show: Moonshiners

            The cast of Moonshiners teams up with Gerad the bartender to create classic and original moonshine cocktails that you can make in your own kitchen! Featuring colorful ingredients and the moonshiner’s various liquor specialties, these flavorful cocktails are sure to impress in both taste and appearance. Join Gerad and the ‘shiners at the bar for some delightful stories and delicious mixed drinks.

            Here's the recipe for a spicy Moonshine Recipe known as Loonshine:


            • A Scotch Bonnet Pepper
            • Fire 32 Cinnamon Moonshine
            • Cayenne Pepper
            • A Slice of Lemon


            Cut the Scotch bonnet pepper into smaller pieces. Add ice cubes, Fire 32 Cinnamon Moonshine, and a piece of pepper to your glass. Coat the slice of lemon in cayenne pepper. Squeeze the lemon into your glass before dropping the entire slice in. Then it's time to drink up!

            You can watch Guide to Cocktails now on Discovery GO: Moonshiner's Guide to Cocktails.

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